Monday, September 1, 2008

How Time Flies!

A year ago today, T and I officially moved into our condo in Boston. It's kinda strange that it feels like so long ago and still, somewhat, like yesterday. Last year it was quite hot when we were moving in. This year it didn't seem nearly as sweltering (though that may have been because we weren't moving our stuff up three flights of stairs). I wonder if this winter will be even colder than last years. We're well prepared, so we're not worried, but I just wonder... Last year, September 1 was a BC football game day. And we did not yet have our resident parking sticker for our car, which we parked in a "no parking on game day" zone. It was, sadly, towed to a far-away no-man's-land tow-lot and T had quite an adventure picking it up (Funny thing: they don't give you directions on the T/bus system to this tow lot, only driving directions. If your car's been towed, how would you be driving?). This time last year, I had already been working at BC (as a temp employee) for a week (I wouldn't be hired, officially, until September 17). I can happily say I've been very satisfied with my job, despite a few non-ideal weeks here and there. As far as jobs go, this is still the perfect one for me! I also have to say, walking around all weekend (we didn't drive anywhere), I'm very glad we aren't moving this year. It's nice to let time flow from one season to the next without having to change so much about one's situation. I think this is the first year since 2002 that I haven't moved (ahh, the life of a college student and newlywed)! I did get the "cleaning bug" a few times this summer, but I've enjoyed being able to sort through just a few areas at my leisure, rather than feeling obligated to sort through everything before we have to pack it all up to head out somewhere. This past year has been filled with many blessings, and we are happy to be starting our second year in Boston! Life is good.

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