Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little Loves

More babies means more gifts and more craftiness...
Luckily, to keep things interesting for me, Momma bought me some decorative stitch cams for my sewing machine (since my machine is a "good ol' fashioned" one, everything's manual and you have to insert cams in the top of the head to guide the needle for the fancy stitches). I've really enjoyed playing around with them and look forward to trying them all on different projects.
Also, I went to the art store today (oh my goodness--so many fun things in there!!) and bought some more Sculpey clay because I've decided I need a few more animals for my Noah's ark. Because the clay comes in a relatively large box, it will be fun to see what other creative projects I can contrive to make use of my new-found clay-wealth :) Any suggestions?

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