Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Coat For Me

Yes, I've successfully cut out the pieces for my first coat! I used this pattern from and managed to get a blister cutting through the thick material (I think I need new scissors). But it was worth it :) I'm so excited for this coat! When I'm finished, I anticipate it will come under $30. How's that for a custom-made wool coat? I know, I do already have a pea coat, but I decided to make this one for several reasons: 1) Teal is more fun than grey (and, yes, the material was on sale!). 2) I can make it longer. I really like my brown coat that hits at mid-thy because it keeps my hips warm. This way, I'll have a warmer coat that's longer, too. 3) I can add a hood (my brown coat also has a nice big hood that fits over my hair even when it's up!). This idea occurred to me when I realized I had extra fabric--read on! I'll be using the lime green wool as the front and back liner. For the sleeves (and hood), I'll use a dark grey satin that Momma gave me. I'm not sure how wind proof this coat will be, since it's not felted wool, but maybe with the wool liner and a sweater underneath it will be alright. The hood was a fun gamble, though. Because of the fabric dimensions and two-way grain-line, I ended up with almost a whole yard of extra fabric. So, I traced a pattern from my brown hood and cut out pieces in the teal wool and lining. I think I will make this hood detachable, since I don't always need a hood. I'll use snaps instead of buttons, because my hair always gets caught in the buttons on my brown coat when I wear my hair down without the hood. I think the hood will turn out well, though--it's a pretty simple pattern :) So, having gone through all that, I still have 1/2 a yard of extra teal wool (no green wool or liner, though). Any ideas as to what I should make with it?


  1. All you blogging ladies inspire me to buy a sewing machine myself. I will do it one of these days.

    Your grandma sounds like a really sweet lady. You must miss her very much. I'm sure she's happy now, though. May God rest her soul.