Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sew Happy

Forgive the pun. All I can say is I am my father's daughter :) And proud to be! On Monday evening I did quite a bit of sewing--mostly mending and altering. Not to complain, but whenever buy new clothes, I always have to alter them, whether it's because of my Hobbit lineage or my always-not-in-style figure. Anyway, here are some pictures of what I did. It was quite productive. Widening pants (yes, as often happens, as one grows up, one grows out). I added a strip of material all down the outside seam. It actually ended up being pretty easy. The waistband was one that overlapped a good deal in the front, and, by chance, it fit perfectly with the added strips on the side. Side slits in shirts (part of that out growth thing) Fixing my Hobbitses problem :) A sneaky way to hem wide-legged pants (where just rolling up the cuffs tends to pucker) is to fold it up, sew it, and iron the hem back down. It also keeps the nice store-bought hemmed look (which I could do if I had an invisible stitch cam, but I don't). So that was my Monday evening. Finally got a chance to take pictures of it all. Next up: more shirts!

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