Friday, September 12, 2008


Well it's official. My first real sewing project this year has turned out well! I bought this shirt pattern from and tried it with some material I inherited from my Grammy :) It's certainly not perfect, and it puckers a bit on one side of the bodice (which may be due less to my sewing and more to the fact that my right shoulder is lower than my left), but I can always fiddle with it. It's also really comfy and--here's the real seller--I like how it looks on me! I've made a few clothing items before (most recently a skirt), but I have never really liked the way they look, so I don't wear them much. This shirt, though.. I like it! :) Hey Mikey. In other sewing news, I sort of finished the kimono, but it's way too big. I mean really big--I could take an entire panel out (almost) and still have too much material draped around my shoulders. To be fair to myself, I think it's only a sizing thing, because T tried it on and he said it fit fine. Don't worry, though, I won't give it to him. Even T would have a hard time getting away with a flowery fuchsia kimono! I'll probably just remove the sleeves (and shorten them) and take about 12 inches off both sides (yeah, it's that big). What I should have done in the beginning is measure my other kimono--the one I liked so much--to get an idea of proportions. Oh well. At least the pink one is too big rather than too small. Not so much wasted material that way! Here's hopin'! Now I need to try the other shirt pattern I bought.

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  1. Ooh I love that first pattern! Looking forward to a picture!