Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sew Much More

The other night I cut out several patterns, one skirt and three (different) shirts. The material pictured here is for the skirt (the solid) and one of the shirts (the print), using this pattern. I hope it won't look too old-lady-ish. I started sewing the pink shirt last night, (with this FREE pattern) in hopes that I can make it nice enough to wear to a party on Friday. It's coming together alright, but I think I have a lot of tweaking to do before it fits really well. I don't think I'll need buttons on this shirt, but if I do use them, I'll probably do something more muted than the green or orange here--a bit too bold for the pattern. The old pair of pants I wanted to use for this pattern turned out to be a bit tricky. I'll just have to see how it comes together when I start sewing it, but it turns out I didn't quite have enough material in the pants to cut out all the pieces. For one of the back panels, I have to sew together three pockets to make a big enough piece. Even with that, I still had to use a different material for two of the side panels. Should be interesting. I'll have one of the back pockets, a belt loop, and the waistband on the front left shoulder piece :) T wants a shirt like this for his own--do you think a shirt made out of old jeans would be too... mountain-man-esque?

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