Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

Ahh, that fresh time of year when every store has a back-to-school-sale! All the incoming students are moving into the neighborhood: oodles of moving trucks and parents and leftover items strewn across the streetscape, and loud parties, once again, late into the night! The mornings are cooler now, though still not cold, and when we wake up early the sun hasn't yet made it into our windows. It brings back memories of grade school when my siblings and I trucked off to school on that first day of class, bemoaning the loss of summer, and longing for the three-day weekends approaching (so we could sleep in). (Of course, in those days, waking up early was a novel experience and we were surprised the sun was up so early, too!) T is very excited about his classes. He's still enjoying his LSAT prep class, which goes through the end of September (the LSAT is in the beginning of October), but he's very excited for all the FUN "candy" courses he'll be taking this semester: philosophy of science, Heidegger, Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, Trinitarian missions and the human good, Plato's Theatetus, and the Cappadocian fathers. Don't worry--he's only actually taking three of those classes, but he's sitting in on the other three :) Silly husband--because in addition to all his classes this semester, he'll be busybusybusy getting out law school and philosophy PhD program applications! And it's back to school for me, too! Yes. I've finally decided to take advantage of the fact that my husband is at a university. I got the "school bug" several weeks ago and have decided to sit in on two classes this fall. I will be attending Philosophy of JRR Tolkien with Peter Kreeft (and I will be recording the sessions!), and Classical Mythology with Meredith Monagan. Both are awesome professors, and both classes are on Tuesday/Thursday after I get off work. It should be fun! (Also, it should be fun because I don't have to write any final papers or take any tests!) However, these next few months will be pretty busy in the office, too, and I will have to miss probably two weeks of class to cover during the receptionist's vacation (I might be able to get to the Tolkien class as "lunch hour" deal, but we'll see how that flies once I figure out who's able to cover for me). It will be an exciting semester, for sure!

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