Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Buttons, Buttons Everywhere!

On Saturday, I went to the button store. I spent a lovely half hour sifting through the "button bin," which is quite a random collection of all sorts of buttons. You can buy one button for a quarter, or a whole little box of buttons for $5. So I picked up my little box, and slowly accumulated $5 worth of unique, colorful buttons. I was actually quite surprised at how many sets of buttons I was able to discover. Now, I have to decide which buttons to use on which shirts. What do you think of the options below?(The brown striped material is a pair of old pants that I can't bear to part with, but aren't wearable anymore.
Yes, the middle option is the same material as the kimono. I had a lot of it.
And the silver stuff is a pair of pants which don't fit, but the material is cool.)


  1. I like the buttons on the left and the right, they look like they will work nicely. However, I'm not certain about the red buttons for the kimono fabric.

    :) Buttons are fun. I used to sew them randomly onto fabric when I went to grandma's house as a girl. I wonder what happen to those little works of art...

  2. Hi Anne!
    A button lover like myself!! I actually rarely sew anything that needs buttons, I just like the way they look together. Silly, maybe. Are you making shirts out of those materials? What pattern are you using? Have you checked out burda style yet? They have free sewing patterns that you can download. I totally love them.