Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Fabric and Fun Plans!

I've decided I'm a lot like my Grammy when it comes to fabric. Though, instead of buying fabric "just because" I like it, I usually force myself to find something to make with it. Or, if it's on a really good sale, I get it and figure out what to do with it later. Part of my need to make things comes from my lack of walk-in closets (aka, spare bedrooms) :) I simply don't have the space to store folded material for very long. So, in browsing over the past few weeks, I finally put together a shopping cart that I was satisfied with and the order arrived last week. I got three different wool materials (love wool!), a nice cotton print, and a knit jacquard. The orange/red material on the left is the knit (I think I'll make a nice winter skirt out of it--what shirts would go with that pattern?); the flower stuff in the middle is a lightweight cotton (another skirt? Maybe a jacket lining?); the green and teal on the right are both 100% wool--the green is a lightweight gabardine and the teal is a heavier crepe material. I have decided to use the green (it's a really bright green, but it was such a good deal! And I like lime green) as the liner for a pea coat I'm making. The teal I haven't decided on yet, but I think I might sew a jacket out of it (maybe using the cotton as a liner). The other fabulous wool I got is a nice teal color (it's one of my favorite colors to wear) in a basketweave pattern. I am very happy with this fabric (thanks for the advice, Paulus!). The only aspect that might be a problem in a warm winter coat is that the weave is fairly loose--it's not felted wool. That's why I'm lining it with the lime gabardine. Does anyone know how to waterproof loose-weave wool? I know that felted wool is essentially waterproof, but I would imagine the looser weaves aren't as impenetrable. Anyway, those are my fun new fabrics. Updates to follow! :)

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