Monday, September 15, 2008

Concerning Hobbits

"Their faces were good-natured rather than beautiful, broad, bright-eyed, red-cheeked, with mouths apt to laughter, and to eating and drinking. And laugh they did, and eat, and drink, often and heartily, being fond of simple jests at all times, and of six meals a day (when they could get them). They were hospitable and delighted in parties, and in presents, which they gave away freely and eagerly accepted."
I have recently refreshed my interest in Hobbits (to be expected when one sits in on a class concerning the philosophy of Tolkien). I want to be a Hobbit! I'd probably be most like the Fallowhides, who still loved the peace and quiet, but were fond of adventure and knowledge and learning (most Hobbits prefer genealogical books to others, especially books with information they don't already know). I want to live in a Hobbit house, with bright round windows and a big round door.

My Hobbit house would have lots of green and yellow in it, those being favorite colors of most Hobbits (and me too!). There would be no stairs in my Hobbit house, though I'm not sure it would be actually underground, like the smials of the real Hobbits.

If I had a Hobbit house, it would always be full of good food to share with everyone who visited. And, no matter when you visited, you would always be invited to stay for one of the six meals common in Hobbit households (breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, (tea,) dinner, and supper). There would be lots of laughter and smiling, too :)

We would have (at the very least) a nicely tilled fruit and vegetable garden, maybe even a full farm with goats and chickens and wide green spaces to enjoy. We would wear shoes only when necessary.

Hobbit houses have to have Hobbit children (and, normally, quite a few of them; along with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandhobbits, and any other miscellaneous family members who will fit). I would love to have a whole mess of beautiful, curly-haired, little-bitty Hobbit babies running around my house.

 But did you know I already have a Hobbit husband? At least, he's part-Hobbit. He is close to the earth, has hairy feet, hates shoes, loves presents and green and yellow (but usually blue and yellow), and--most important of all--he loves mushrooms. Maybe he's Elven and Hobbitish--with his straight blond hair, slender facial features, and giant-esque height (for a Hobbit), he could well be descendant from both races!

 Also, I think my parents are part Hobbit. (Good) food was certainly a prominent feature in our house growing up, and despite all the wonderful blessings and enjoyment of good things, they are "curiously tough." They also have mountains of mathoms all over the house :) So here's to Hobbits and our dreams!


  1. I have never read the hobbit. Maybe I should do that. I love your hobbit post. We need to have a hobbit farm! I know that Andrew and I are part hobbit. Living in a world too cruel for hobbitness.
    Are you sure you didn’t get the meals mixed up. I thought it was supper then dinner, and it does matter which order they go in. One has soup with it and the other does not.
    Also it is very important to have hobbit home underground. It is the best insulation. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and can never be blown down by strong winds.

  2. We really should make a real life hobbit hamlin and people could come visit it like a little theme park and we could have cottages people could stay in. That could be our income and legacy.