Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sewing Again

Here is a picture of the shirt I made using the free pattern (here). While I think it turned out alright, I understand now why Momma refused to work with anything this silky. It's not that it's impossible to sew, it's just darn frustrating sometimes because of the way it stretches. Also, I don't think this shirt will stand the test of time because the material is rather prone to snagging and ripping. So, we'll see how long it lasts (but it was all free! Thanks Momma!!). The pattern instructions say that the hardest part is getting the gathering in the front even, and they were right. This pattern required a lot of tweaking, especially around the neckline which puckered funny due to 1) the gathering, and 2) the interfacing (making the material more stiff in that area). But, I think I got it figured out--after a bit of ripping and re-sewing! I had thought about adding flutter sleeves (because I like the way they look--modest but without restriction), but because the shoulders were so wide to begin with, they just made the shirt look way too big. So, I took the sleeves off, seamed them together in the back and added them as a ruffle on the bottom (which is why it is so much longer on the sides than in the middle). I added the contrasting pink material for modesty and comfort (and so that I don't have to wear a camisole under the shirt). All in all, another shirt with which I'm happy.

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  1. Looks beautiful! Now we want to see it on you ;-)