Friday, September 26, 2008

Movies and Painting

I visited my friend Mandy last night (who is due to have her little girl next month! (and who is also the co-founding member of the Boston chapter of the Philosophers' Wives support group)) and we painted some Noah's ark pieces together. Since I have a (relatively) small number of paints, I was able to pack up all the necessary accoutrement and head down to her house. It was so much fun! Paining, as I grew up doing it, was somewhat a communal thing. My family usually painted (or crafted) on the kitchen table, and there were always people coming and going, ooh-ing and awe-ing over the painted (or crafted) pieces. I can't say that I've not enjoyed painting by myself lately, but it was just so nice to have someone else there painting with me! It's funny how similar she and I are, especially because our (philosopher) husband get along so well, too. On Flixter (on Facebook), she and I are soul mates! And speaking of movies, we both like to put a movie on while we're doing other things--cleaing the house, cooking, painting. Last night we watched the Sword in the Stone (yeah, I do really like that movie!) and--ELF! Yes! A Christmas movie in September. Shocking? We loved it. ("I just like smiling; smiling's my favorite.") A grand evening with a good (and adorably pregnant) friend :) Check out my Noah's ark album on Picasa
Noah's Ark

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  1. Funny! My friend just loaned us Elf since neither of us have seen it before. So we'll be watching a Christmas movie in September too! ;-)