Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pilates (Pi-law-tees)

Tuesday, T and I had our very first pilates mat session. It was lots of fun! We weren't terribly sore after it, either, which is important. I like to feel a little sore, but not so much so that I can't move! We had biked in to work that day, biked to the pilates studio after classes, and then we biked home. And if I didn't already know where I got sore from biking, I'd say that all that biking in one day was more of a workout than the pilates. But, I'm just pleasantly sore in pilates-esque areas (all the tiny muscles in and around my torso, basically). T and I are signed up for 5 weeks of Tuesday classes. Should be great. We'll also do small group classes occasionally, on the pilates equipment. If you want to check out a comprehensive Website on a pilates studio, visit this one, run by T's Korean cousin-by-marriage. (For those of you who read this in the Seattle, WA area--go check it out! She's awesome!) The studio we're going to is awesome, too, but I like Ki Lan's Website better.

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