Monday, October 6, 2008

The Maine Thing

This week, I'm working full time at the front desk in my office. Normally (these days, anyway), I just cover for the receptionist's lunch hour, but she's on vacation this week, along with two other staff members in the office. So it's a short-staffed week (In a double way. D and I are the only two staff downstairs and we're both pretty short). T is working a lot this week, too. Since he successfully completed his LSAT prep course and took the LSAT on Saturday (my supernifty husband! He's so smart!), he's making up hours at his job this week. And, for him, it's getting closer to that time of the semester when papers are due. We'll both be really busy this week. I hope I manage to feed us enough without eating out too often. Therefore, my sweet, wonderful, romantic, ambitious husband is taking me away at the end of this week. He must love me an awful lot! We're heading up to Bar Harbor, Maine and we'll stay at a nice little bed and breakfast whence we can explore the area and Acadia National Park for the three-day weekend. I'm so excited :) Last night we started talking about what we'll do while we're there. T has scheduled a massage for us on Sunday night (!) and we'll watch the sunrise from one of the first places the sun sees in north America. We'll eat seafood and take nice walks on the beach. We'll hike all over Acadia. We'll take lots of pictures. We might even bring our bikes so what we can see more of the park. Mostly, though, we'll just be together, with no obligations or pressures from work or school. It's true that we might be more tired when we get back, but it will still be a wonderful vacation from the Boston area. This time of year is supposed to be perfect for "leaf peeping" in Maine. It should be fantastic. Maybe even phantastic :)


  1. I've been to Bar Harbor! (Or as they say over there "ba-haba". You will just love it - so beautiful! Take lots of pictures

  2. I LOVE Maine! Bar Harbor is beautiful! What a wonderful trip. I have to say I'm totally jealous :)