Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Twist on Two's-Day

Well, today was a busy day! Taylor had a long day at class ahead of him, so I had a 'two's-day' with my sister instead of T.  What a treat to spend such good time with my favorite younger sister!

T and I woke up at 4 am to (shower and) get to the airport by 5, when Viv's flight arrived.  Having flown jetBlue, her flight was early :)  But we successfully snatched her and her bag and headed home.  Breakfast (buckwheat pancakes) was relatively leisurely, and then I headed off to work, T to class, and V to bed.

When I got home around 11:30 this morning, Viv was just waking up. So we had some lunch, and went to BC to show her the campus.  We met two amazing people but ended up chatting the afternoon away for the rest of our "campus tour" :) sisters will do that, you know!

Chipotle for dinner, she and I headed downtown to check out the "night scene" and to see the Holocaust Memorial (it's the best at night).  It was a great evening "on the town" but we had to go get a new kitchen cart I've been coveting (this one).  When we got home, Viv picked out her outfit for tomorrow (two meetings downtown) and we talked and puttered until T got home (from his 12-hour day at school).  Now for prayers and bed... zzzzzzzzz

Ok, so re-reading my post it doesn't seem like our day was that busy, but it sure felt very busy. And exhausting. I suppose waking up at 4 and staying awake all day will do that.  To all you parents: I admire your fortitude!

Anyway :) Here are some pictures from our evening :) We had a good time.

Viv's Visit!

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  1. That does sound like a busy day. The picture of vivian looking at the wall in black and white is my favorite.