Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CHECKing In!

Look what I've done this week :)
  1. 4 of these:  CHECK (yes, I started with this one on purpose)
  2. 5 of these:  ALSO CHECK! (ok, I only had to "make" this one once)
  3. 5 of these:  CHECK
  4. 5 of these: Check-a-partial-one. Given the above three CHECKs, these don't seem so bad anymore :) 
  5. 3 of these:  Check a-partial-One!  Two and Three: pending successful completion of one. 
  6. 1 set of these:  Check part One and Two. Third part--in progress! 
  7. 1 of these:  No check. Coming up next, though! :)
  8. mail this: CHECK
  9. Order these: CHECK!
  10. 2 of these: nope, haven't started these either. 
In other news, it's been sunny here of late. Sunny. And Windy. And (therefore) chilly.

Why does everyone think Sun automatically makes it a "nice day"?  Having been raised in a desert, where it's sunny all the time, I'm here to tell you that premise if flawed.  Don't get me wrong--sunshine is great (really!) but what's wrong with clouds?

Anyway :)  Enjoy the sunshine, wherever you are!

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