Thursday, November 5, 2009


When I'm walking in the city, I tend to keep my eyes mostly downward (no one wants to step in city-puddles or forgotten dog poop).  But whenever I see a ginkgo leaf on the ground, I try to find the tree.  I gravitate toward them. Ginkgo's are my favorite.  I'm not sure why.  Every time I see one I smile :)

Maybe it's because they're considered a living fossil, being so old and completely unique?

Maybe it's just because they have funny-shaped leaves?

Maybe it's because they tend to lose their leaves all at once?
(leaving tiny, wistful, golden fans all along the sidewalk,
making any walk home enchanting and inspiring)

Maybe it's the bright, fiery yellow they turn when it gets cold?

Maybe it's the odd way they branch out and sprout leaves?

Whatever it is about ginkgo trees, I just love them.  I think that, along with apples trees (!), we're definitely going to plant some ginkgo trees on our dream farm.  Along with Japanese maples.  I know we are planning to have our farm in the Evergreen State, but that's no reason why we can't have pretty fall colors around, too. In fact, that's my favorite way to have it--I love the perennial green of the coniferous trees (the Boston Gray state of affairs all winter leaves me hungering for some good ol' pine trees!), but I just eat up all the bright fall colors in New England.

When I was in college, during the fall, I would routinely detour along Nora Avenue because the whole street was planted with deciduous trees--oh the flames! It was just breathtaking.  I want a lane like that coming up my farm driveway :)

So here's to fall, in all it's dwindling autumnal glory, and pretty yellow ginkgo trees :)

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