Friday, November 13, 2009

Bittersweet Friday

So, Fridays are great!  It's the end of the week, the beginning of a new weekend, and whenever I leave work, I want to throw up my hands and laugh into the wind at being free for a few days :)

But this Friday, although fantastic in many ways, was a little bittersweet.  See, my sister (that is, my Seester), who has been visiting this week, left this evening :(  She was such a fabulous guest.  When I got home from work today, the dishes were done and she had stripped the futon, folded it up, and tidied up the house.  Is this what it's like for Taylor when he comes home?  I mean, what a treat!

Honestly, though, I won't be missing her just because she doesn't seem to mind cleaning my house (but really--isn't that awesome?), I'll miss being able to be silly and ridiculous with her, talking about old cartoons or movies we watched all the time as kids (and I really mean, all the time).

So :) let's all say a prayer that she moves to Boston next semester and finds a good job so we can hang out more often!  (Don't worry--I won't make her clean my house while she's here)

Wouldn't that be fun?

C'mon, Viv, I LOVE YOU and I think it'd be awesome to live in the same town again.  Don't you think so, too?

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