Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Feet

I walked through a lovely pile of ginkgo leaves on my way home today.  Happy Feet :)

Not so happy in those shoes, though--I wore them all day yesterday as Viv and I walked around downtown to find her interview places.  Why did I wear them to day, then, you ask?  ...I'm not sure either.

Yesterday was a full day as well. I guess that's just the way it is when one has guests :)  Work in the morning, lunch downtown, wandering around with my Seester, browsing some stores (during her interview).  We had baked beans for dinner last night--my very own Boston baked beans--and some whole grain pull-apart bread (which turned out well!).  Watched a movie together (with T (and tea)).  Generally a great day!

I got off work early today and T and I drove Viv out to Framingham for another interview (which went well--they would like to talk to her in January when she's available!). Sushi for lunch (YUM!) and then we went to a lecture at BC (while I promptly forgot about picking up our food for the week.. our CSA produce and our fresh, local fish :( oops) and had a tasty (free) dinner on campus with other lecture attendees.

Then (and my favorite part), having found a fellow Animaniacs-lover in one of our philosophy friends, we all came back to our place and watched an episode of the Great, the Wonderful Animaniacs.  A perfect way to end the evening.

And now I'm off to bed. Maybe tomorrow I'll blog during the day, when I'm not so tired. This is getting to be a bad habit :(  (but I am still blogging each day--that's gotta count for something?)

We shall see :)


  1. LOL, we have the Animaniacs on DVD too. I love your blogging everyday. You think you have nothing to say, because it's your life and you are used to it. But it's all news to me. I am glad to hear your sister's interview went well. Is she planning to move yet?

  2. We think she'll be moving out here by the end of January :) EXCITING!!!

    And Animaniacs is the awesome-est cartoon ever!