Monday, November 9, 2009

Catching Up?

Here we are again--time when I should be in bed but I'm blogging instead (hey, that rhymes).

I'm blogging about yesterday, though. Does it still count?

T did a 5k race on Sunday with the law school.  It's called Race Ipsa (a pun on res ipsa loquitur... I didn't quite get it either).   But the race went very well and T had a good time--felt really good after the run, too.

[I have to admit, law school does not leave much time for idleness.  They say "idle hands are the devil's workshop," but don't you think it gets a little silly sometimes, with the number of "events" the law school/classes/sections/clubs plan for their members?  Hm..]

So here are the pictures. There's some more "mini-blogging" in the captions :D

Race Ipsa

In other news--I got the house mostly cleaned up for my SEESTER! who's arriving bright and early tomorrow morning (another reason I should be in bed with my Sweet P'Taylor, instead of staring at a computer screen).  She's visiting Boston to scope out the job scene--keep her in your prayers! We want her to move here and hang out with us!  

I did some sewing, too (can't share what yet. 'tis the season, I guess).. which is one reason why I'm blogging now, instead of being a good girl and doing it earlier in the evening.  

Maybe tomorrow I will be better.  


We'll see. 

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