Monday, August 3, 2009


Yep, that's me. I've already had a conversation with my sister about this, and I'm still convinced I'm right.
Many of you may recall the many and varied handmade cards I've sent for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new babies, etc. I have thoroughly enjoyed spreading out all over our living room floor, creating one unique card after another, lovingly personalizing each aspect of the card.
But alas, for whatever reason, my creativity of late has been waning and I cannot seem to "pump out" as many cards as before. But I also can't bear the thought of not sending cards at all or buying them (T still doesn't like that idea, and it'd be way spendy for us).
And so, I have contrived a compromise.
Photo cards:
157 - Cheating
I know technically these are still hand made cards, but they're so easy to put together I do feel like I'm cheating a little bit. I am justifying this to myself because of the fact that these are all pictures I took myself. Even pictures that I like :) So that's good.
The best part is that I shouldn't be late in sending out cards anymore (did I mention that I have a card made for all our family and friend birthdays/anniversaries/foreseeable-card-appropriate-events through June next year?) I still have to add some stamping to the cards, and sign them, write where the photo was taken, etc. But having the basic card already made will make a world of difference for me as I continue to settle in to this year.
At least, here's hopin'!
[Now all I have to do is remember to take the cards out and finish them at the beginning of each month!]

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