Thursday, July 30, 2009

Farmer's Market

T and I went to the Brookline Farmer's Market today to get our weekly bunch of produce and fish. It's been great this summer to get local food--the fish is so fresh and tasty, and the produce is so good! We had roasted beet salad for dinner tonight, and we got some lovely sweet onions (which will go in the roast chicken pot on Sunday!), eclectic carrots, and tasty radishes. A few weeks ago, I got some garlic scapes. This week they have harvested the garlic, which is so good...
and so huge.
Next week we'll get some honey. *Ahem* I hope it's as tasty as the honey this bumblebee will make "for [bumblebee] babies, in very small pockets scattered around the neighborhood" :) (love you, Ben!)
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