Monday, August 31, 2009


I thought I would take pictures of the various material combinations I have on hand, in case anyone wanted to order a custom purse :)
Green flower cotton and brown twill
This will make a roomy purse, since both materials have a little stretch to them. 

Red polka-dot cotton and brown twill
I have more of the materials I use for my friend's purse, and if you liked it, I'll make you one, too. 
Ivory cotton and green woven-upholstery floral
I used the greenish-brown material for a yoga mat bag--a nice weight for a purse, too. 
Gold/brown heavy charmuese and black crushed velvet floral 
Need a fancy (but not itty-bitty) bag for an evening out? 
Pink polka-dot cotton and navy blue medium twill
A nice simple combination. 
Red textured cotton and blue medium twill
Feeling Patriotic? 
Red polka-dot cotton and blue medium twill 
I have a lot of the red polka-dot. 
Yellow floral knit and blue medium twill
You may recognize the yellow material from my skirt :) It looks pretty good with blue. 
Yellow floral knit with brown medium twill
...or brown!
Black crepe with white flowers
I have enough of this material for one side of the purse, but nothing for the reverse. If you're interested in this material, you would have to pick out/purchase/send me something to go with it. 
I have pictured each material with some buttons that would coordinate well, but I am open to suggestions there, too.  If you have an idea as to what button color would look best, let me know! 
Feel free to pass this along to your friends. I'm willing to do custom-custom purses (with a material of your choice), but you would have to contact me about what kinds of material would work best.  
Any takers? 

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