Sunday, August 23, 2009

178 - Bitty

178 - Bitty
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I made the bitty bag here (from this tutorial: on Friday afternoon. Y'know, to keep all those "little things" in a woman's purse in one place.

It's rather cute, I think.

Then I made a nice big dinner for Taylor and one of his philosopher buddies.

On Saturday I spent most of the morning (while T was proctoring a test) knitting a mitten (which I would have finished if I hadn't had to undo the thumb twice). I even managed to make a delicious (!) roast chicken and clean up the kitchen.

Today I cleaned up the kitchen (some more) and made lunch AND a nice dinner while T read me Water Babies (I've never read it before). All in all, a domestic weekend. Details to follow this week.

Maybe :)

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