Monday, July 21, 2008

Craftiness and Things

One of the things I've noticed about the east coast is that quite a few people are amazed that T and I are so "handy" (as they say). We did, after all, remodel our bathroom by ourselves! But, coming from the west coast, I found it rather amazing that people here are amazed that we are handy and crafty. "Isn't everyone crafty?" (I suppose that is true, but the creativeness comes out in different outlets. One of our friends doesn't consider herself "handy" but is a phenomenal pianist. Another of our friends isn't, say, good at tiling, but he got his BA in drama and tells the most hilarious stories!) I suppose it's more of the type of craftiness or handiness that amazes people. I can knit and sew, but (at least to the older generation on this coast) that is something that all young women should know, "And good for you for learning those things these days." T can play the cello and has a thorough knowledge of classical music (thanks Mum!) but that, also, is something every young person should know. People seem to be more impressed that I can operate a jigsaw on my own, that I've used air-compressor tools, and that T has built houses and can fix most of our plumbing problems. They are amazed that we want to update our kitchen and are considering doing it all by ourselves. But, then again, we come from a land of pioneers, who did everything themselves anyway! Some people over here are impressed that I make all the cards we give people. T doesn't believe in buying cards for people, and he's helped me invest in card-making things. I have all sorts of paper (mostly scraps we save from magazines and invitations and letters) and I get the $1 stamp deals at Michael's (only on the west coast--do they have Michael's' in Boston?!). I do tend to splurge on the stamp pads a bit, but the longer they last (and the more you use them) the better the return on your investment. If I get the really juicy stamp pads they stamp well right up to the end. I also have markers, crayons, colored pencils, a good paper cutter, some of the shape-hole-punches, and a few pairs of the fancy-edge scissors.I'd have to say that making cards has become my most creative outlet. I used to paint ceramics before I got married, but T and I just haven't had the space for me to spread out that type of task. So now I make cards--spilling paper doesn't stain rugs, and if you leave a crayon out of the box it doesn't dry up. (And with the size of our family it's a good thing we don't pay $3.50 per card we send--for birthdays we have 17 on my side and 11 on T's, then at least 10 anniversaries and C'mas and Easter cards. Not to mention any special occasion cards--weddings, baby showers, thank you notes, etc, etc). But really, I love it :) I spend a few days at a time and spread out all my miscellaneous tid-bits and stamps and go to town! I hope I'm able to continue making cards when we have kids. It might be a bit more difficult (and I may not be able to do it on the floor anymore), but I think it would be fun. T's mom always has all the kids make cards for the birthday person. It's so great to receive a nice thick envelope on your birthday with at least 7 completely beautiful and randomly-stamped birthday cards! So, even though the craftiness seems to vary from coast to coast, I agree with the motto of The Paper Source (awesome scrap booking/stamping store)--"Do something creative every day." No matter what it is! :)
These are some of the cards I've made recently.
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  1. Well done. You get better at those cards every day. I wish I had time to do this. I still need to paint you a painting. You should email me some pictures ( You mentioned before that you had some pictures of landscapes. Or just send me a picture of anything you want painted. As soon as Andrew's parents go home Aug. 5th I am going to start your painting.

  2. Ohh, bea-U-tiful! I just love making cards too. I love cards in general! I wish I could dedicate a whole wall to the lovely cards I have received and made...ah!