Thursday, August 20, 2009

Showing Off

Ok, I admit it--this post is just going to be a show off post. I mailed my sister's mei tai to her on Monday and she received it yesterday.
Apparently she likes it! Since I got these pictures from her last night (which means she had to take the pictures, upload them to her computer, and send them to me in an email--no easy feat with two vivacious kiddies).
Summer and the non-sleeper, Carrick
(hopefully the baby carrier helps to put him to sleep!)
Summer picked out the material with me online and
I put it together.
This carrier is also reversible (yay for reversability!).
It reverses to the teal and brown material in the hood,
so that it can be "manly" when Mic wears it :)
Carrick seems pretty pleased, too :)
(don't you just LOVE his red hair?!)
In a back carry. I suspect this is how Carrick will sleep mostly,
if he does :) That way, Summer can also get lots of work done.
You can't quite see it here, but I did some decorative
stitching around the hood and on the outside edges of the body.
All in all, I'd say it was a success :)
Now if my sleep-prayers that I sent with the carrier work too,
we'll be in business!


  1. oh, I can't see these you have them on picasa or flickr

  2. He slept in it again today while I made lunch. I even managed a transfer to the couch, but it didn't last long. Love it! Sum