Saturday, August 29, 2009


We're in business!

I got permission from the creator of the purse pattern I used for this purse (and this one) to sell any others I make!

So, to begin.

I made this purse this afternoon from an old pair of jeans and some remnant material I found.  The pockets (and zipper) on the front are fully functional:

I used the front and back of the jeans :)

But that's not all--these jeans had a fun belt-tie-thing on the front, which I used on the (of course, reversible) inside of the purse:

And I added a nice big jean pocket on the back (or inside) of the purse, complete with a slot for your favorite pen:

I'm not sure about the price, so I'd like some feedback. Do you think $35 is about right (that would include shipping)?  Is that too much? too little?

Should I list this on etsy?

I'm planning on doing a post of the material I have and then I would take orders for purses, if people are interested.  Also, I'm happy to do custom purses if you wanted to pick out the material yourself.

Let me know!

This is exciting :)

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