Monday, August 17, 2009


I have taken screen shots of my iGoogle homepage before with my happy ladybugs cheering up my screen. This morning, when I was looking at National Geographic's picture of the day (which is just awesome in itself), one of my ladybugs was sitting in just the right spot.
Certainly made for a double-take and a happy smile for me :)
In other news for us this week: We attended St. Clement's Dormition Mass and the beginning of Perpetual Adoration in Boston (after a 40 year hiatus!). The liturgy was lovely and it's so good to have PA so close again--I was very spoiled growing up. I could visit the Blessed Sacrament Chapel anytime I wanted. I'm glad to have it again :) I hope that Boston can keep it up!
I also finished the mei tai for my oldest sister (I'm still waiting for the last piece of material for Bethany's mei tai) and will mail it off today. I'm not too worried about her finding out either, since her little ones keep her pretty busy and she can't check online as often as I do :D
I've been keeping up my 365 project pretty consistently (yeah, I've fudged on a few days, but no one can tell but me). Check it out if you're interested.
I have successfully rearranged the bedroom to fit our new dresser! I found the piece on Craig's list and am so happy with it. It's larger than the one T had before and it has room for (almost) all our sweaters (which means we can stop keeping them in the drawers in the living room :P). I know--I'm a total geek for blogging about our new furniture, but hey, it's what I do. Still trying to sell off our living room furniture, though... annoying that no one wants it!
Still crafting here and there. Finished my niece's birthday present; want to start a bag from the leftover material from my mei tai; haven't looked at the kimono in months; mending keeps accumulating. But I've done a good job or re-organizing a lot of my material, crafting notions, card-making accoutrements, and general house-hold-stuffage. I guess I missed spring cleaning and have made it late-summer cleaning :Þ
Life in general is going well for us. T starts law school at the end of this month (should be an intense year, but we're not too worried about it); we've had a productive yet relaxing summer and we got to see lots of friends and a lot of our family; we'll have Thanksgiving at Daddy's house this year; C'mas (probably) at T's parents' house; (New Years in Hawaii?); spring break in the Virgin Islands (I know, you're probably wondering: "WHAT?!" Well, you'll just have to wait and see).
That's all for now.
Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Super sweet frog photo... I remember holding little bitty tree frogs, no bigger than the nail on my little finger... they seemed to come with the rain in Seattle! I love your pictures! Keep it up! I hope you do one soon about your nifty purrrrrr (purse in Lydia-speak)!