Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dumplings, Miso Soup, and a Kimono

All things Asian today! A couple months ago, T and I "inherited" some miso paste from a wonderful Chinese sister who was studying at BC (and returned to Taiwan), so I made miso soup earlier this week. We also got all her leftover dumplings (that is, the still-frozen ones she didn't make before she left), and I made some of those to go with the soup. Today we had the leftover soup with hot tea and dumplings and rice. It was a very nice dinner :) It was also nice because we got to use our Chinese soup spoons, and the hashioki that Momma gave me to go with the china.
Also, I've decided I want to make a kimono for a bathrobe. I found some easy-looking instructions online, that I intend to follow. The pink material below will be the outter layer, and I will line it with the sheer green material. Yeah, these are kinda fancy materials for my "practice" kimono (if it turns out well, I'll get some nicer, heavier weight material and make a winter kimono, too), but actually it was all free! When T and I went to CA this summer Momma donated much of her unused material to my sewing efforts. Should be fun :)
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