Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweet Tomatoes

For those of you in the Boston area who read this, I hope (for your sake) that the words "Sweet Tomatoes" conjure mouth-watering memories of delicious pizza! If you've not visited Sweet Tomatoes Pizza, you should! It is, in my opinion, the best pizza in the world (except for Momma's)! (And I've even been to Italy a couple times--it's good there, but it's cheaper here and there's more pizza to it and it's tastier.) This restaurant is so good that they don't even need to offer delivery. You have to go pick it up or eat in the store. But it's still good.. oh so good. We've taken several of our friends who have visited us (actually, I think we've taken anyone who's ever stayed with us in Boston) to savor the Sweet Tomatoes experience (you fortunate few!). From all accounts, they feel the same way we do. (It's also kinda fun to be able to take people "off the beaten track" when visiting a big city and show them the true gems in the area--this pizza place is certainly one of those gems!) Anyway, the real reason for this post is that I'm so incredibly excited that T is taking me to get Sweet Tomatoes Pizza tonight. It might seem silly to most people that I'm blogging about eating pizza, but those people probably haven't had Sweet Tomatoes :) So if you want to come try this pizza, come visit us! We'll take you there!

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