Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rainy Morning (Afternoon)

I say morning because my work schedule this week shifted to the afternoons (just for a few days), and so T and I slept in this morning (how beautiful!) and biked into campus around 11:30 (new experience biking in the rain--not sure how I feel about it quite yet). We had planned on going to the 12:15 mass at St. Ignatius' church, but those masses have been canceled until Labor Day :( But, as often happens, small disappointments are met by happy surprises! As we headed up to our offices, earlier than we had planned since mass was canceled, we ran in to Fr. DePaulo, the married Byzantine priest we helped move in. It was so good to see him! He and his family are settling in well, and they are hoping to have us (and Paul and Erik) over for dinner sometime soon. AND he's really excited about starting a Byzantine group on campus and having Divine Liturgies regularly! T and I are totally on board with that effort. Now, don't get me wrong--it's not that there aren't an abundance of eastern rite Catholic churches in New England. But all last year, mostly because of T's work schedule, we weren't able to commit to a Sunday mass/Liturgy (he worked at a parish all day Sundays and Mondays). Since he quit working there we've been going to St. Clement's Eucharistic Shrine in Back Bay, which is fabulous... but it will be nice to attend Liturgy again. Fr. DePaulo is currently helping with the Melkite cathedral in the area, and has encouraged us to go to Liturgy there. It's a very beautiful church and, since it's a cathedral, the Metropolitan (= bishop) says Liturgy. Maybe we'll go there this Sunday :) Oh, and I did start painting the Noah's ark last night. I'll post pics soon.

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  1. Praise God, Hallelujah, for the possibility for Byzantine Liturgy near by.

    Sorry I missed your call last night. It was too late to return it by the time I saw you had called.