Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Craftiness

Due to the large number of babies arriving in the next several months, I've got my work cut out for me in baby gifts. Luckily, I've branched out a bit and now have some variety (since many of the mothers are quite crafty themselves--wouldn't want it to get boring!).
One thing I make is burp rags. I got this idea from my mother, who usually gives a gift of several to expectant mothers. She buys nice, printed flannel material and cuts out a very simple pattern. I usually only make one as a gift, but I embroider something on part of the cloth. It varies from person to person. Usually, I try to make whatever-it-is "pass-on-able" from generation to generation. I suppose that may seem a little presumptuous, that people will consider my gifts heirloom quality, but I also like to think I've made them sturdy enough that they will last through more than one child. But my burp rags haven't been around long enough to test this theory yet. We'll see :)
Another gift I make, that I've recently picked up, is knitted baby paraphernalia. I can make hats, booties, and mittens fairly easily. I'm very interested in trying to make baby sweaters, but I might not be that adventurous any time soon. I found a very good way to secure the booties and mittens, too (I've never liked tying bows), with a cinch-string type thing. This has not been tested, either, except on T's two fingers (which, try as he might, aren't really as squirmy as baby hands and tootsies).
Taking a page from my friend Eleri, I'd really like to try to sew a sling for some of my pregnant friends, but, since E and I have so many friends in common, she's beaten me to in in many cases :) (That, and my sisters, who are both pregnant, already have slings.) BUT! I do have one friend who is willing to be my guinea pig in this endeavor. One of these days, probably when she stops working before Baby comes, she and I will go pick out some fabric together.
I'll post pictures of some of these (hopefully) lovely items soon. For now, since so many of our friends are having girls, it should be hard to guess who's getting what :)
And more loving out to Maja and Adam, who got married today (yes, we have many, MANY friends who are getting married (and having babies)). Mno-hijalita!


  1. You should totally try knitting a little sweater. Also, I have a bootie pattern that all you have to do is a little ribbing and the booties stay on, no ties. They're like bootie socks. Do you want me to send it to you? You should also think about little bloomers, since everyone is having girls. I have always wanted to make cloth wipes out of flannel. That might be an excellent one for cloth diapering mommies (not necessarily heirloom though). Or what about a flannel breastfeedin blanket. You know the kind that has ties to put it around mom's neck. I need one of those so bad. Then a firend saw me struggling and gave me an extra of hers. White Christening bonnets would be good too. You're awesome at crafty things.

  2. Yes, it's a knitting pattern. I don't crochet either. There's a hat pattern that goes with it too, but it's too big for new borns. I will just have to take a picture of my breastfeeding blanket. I wouldn't know where to find a pattern.