Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer's Over?

On Monday this week, the city of Boston unanimously decided that summer is *over* Sunday, the public pool in Cleveland Circle was a rollicking flesh pot and the nearby field was full of twenty-somethings playing sports. The sun was out, the air was warm... a perfect vision of summer. But there were signs. Moving trucks of all sizes were inching their way through narrow one-way streets, bearing college students and their muchness. Piles of no-longer-wanted items discarded by busy moving-inners littered the sidewalks, free for the taking. BC itself was freshening up before the "impress the parents" events happen: painting crosswalks throughout campus, cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, adding "Welcome to BC" signs all over. And the shuttle started running its regular school year schedule last Friday. Then Monday we went to work and the pool was completely empty! Students with stuff were everywhere! BC looked immaculate and the shuttles were buzzing and humming all over campus. And, as if all that wasn't enough, it's been delightfully cool these past few evenings. It was a bit warm yesterday, but with the over-use of a/c in office buildings, it always feels nice to walk into the welcoming warmth of the sun. Fall is coming :) And it will be beautiful! We'll try to go out of the city this year to be "leaf peepers." We'll take Dave and Mandy if they're available. Anyone else wanna come? (This is my 100th post) :)

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