Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who Built the Ark?

Noah, Noah built the ark!
Hanging in the room I shared with my younger sister, growing up, was a Noah's ark montage that Momma made. I'm pretty sure she made it for my brother and oldest sister when they were younger, but it hung in the room of the kid who was youngest, which was my sister's and my room last :)
One year, for the parish holiday bazaar, Momma decided to make a few to sell. So, we got out the sculpey clay and started making animals! This is always the best part of making these Noah's arks, because, in addition to Noah (and his list!) and the ark, you can make any animal you want! We've made polar bears, dragon flies, zebras, inch worms, fish, crocodiles, peacocks, ants (actually, we painted those into the background), birds of all kids, snakes, monkeys, rabbits, camels, lady bugs, mice. (And we're always looking for more ideas, so if you have a favorite animal, let me know!) While we were working on the animals, Momma would paint the background (she's a fabulous painter, no matter what she says!). After baking the clay pieces to harden them, we'd paint them (which was also lots of fun) and glue them to the background board, which we attached to a frame.
This bazaar endeavor went so well Momma decided to make some Noah's arks as gifts for friends, so we made another batch of animals and backgrounds, painted them all, and glued it all together.
Then one day, Momma decided she wanted to make one 'specially for her other children (since Ray already had one--which she's repaired numerous times (kids can't seem to keep their hands off those yummy looking little animal pieces)). So, once again, we began.
And I still have the background Momma painted, and all the pieces we sisters made with her to glue on. I haven't painted any of them yet. For a while, my excuse was that I didn't have any paints, so Momma (my dear Momma) bought me 30 or 40 different colors and mailed them to me--along with my favorite brushes of hers. Then my excuse was that we were moving to Boston. When we got here, I said "we don't have the space for me to spread out that sort of project." But really, if I don't do it now, I'll never find the space, no matter where we move. So, at last I've made up my mind: I will begin (and finish). I'll let y'all know how it goes.
Also, lots of love out to Lizzy and Brendan, who got married today! May God grant you many happy years in peace, health, and happiness!

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  1. Here's hoping we all get to see pictures of your creature creations! Been following your blogging for several months now and haven't commented yet, but keep it up - I sure love them!