Monday, August 11, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday, T and I went out to Worcester to visit some friends (actually, the woman who helped us find our house in Boston and her husband) who were hosting some mutual friends of ours from Seattle. It was a grand afternoon and evening. We went to Mass early today so that we could head out by 10:30 (though I was finishing up the laundry and we didn't get out the door until 11:15. Oops!). The drive out was simply beautiful :) We really enjoyed the fresh air and all the pretty green of the fields we passed! Upon arriving at the Laracy's house, we piled into the cars and headed for Tantiusques Mines--an old graphite mine from before the pilgrims were even here. Before our adventure began, we had a delicious sandwich lunch from the bagel shop the Laracy's own (oh my gosh! so yummy!! We need to go back there!). It was definitely neat to see the mine, and it would have been an ideal hike in the forest if it weren't for the blasted mosquitoes (at least for me--T enjoyed himself 100% even though he got 12 bites)! But we did see a lot of interesting mushrooms and bugs :) After the foray into the forest around the mines (we didn't actually go into the mine because we forgot flashlights, and it was sort of boggy inside and we didn't have good shoes for that sort of thing), we drove to a park near the Laracy's house, which was beautiful. There was a big pond/lake there that fed into a series of waterfalls that went through an old mill. And there weren't any mosquitoes there :) Very quiet, very peaceful, very nice to walk around with our friends and talk and tell jokes!
Goin' to the Country
After the mill pond, we went back to the Laracy's gorgeous house and spent time chatting while everyone helped with dinner. Some people watched the olympics, some of us chatted on the front porch, some in the kitchen. When the yummy food was ready, the grownups ate in the dining rooms and the kids in the kitchen (for those of you who were wondering, T and I now count as grownups) :) Home-grown, home-picked, home-made blueberry tart for dessert (YUM!) and more chatting and laughing. We left around 9:30, exhausted, but very relaxed and happy. It's always such a blessing to spend time with good friends--those kinds of friends that you may not talk to everyday, or even every month (or every six months, or.. well, you get the idea), but that love you anyway. The kind of friends with whom it's always good to catch up and visit. The kind who are always happy to see you :) We are very blessed, here in the far reaches of the cozy east coast.

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