Friday, September 11, 2009

Musings of a Law Student's Wife

[I don't think I'm going to change the description of my blog (from "musings of a philosopher's wife") just because T's in law school now.  I think he's still a philosopher at heart (and always will be).  But I wanted to put "on the record" my initial thoughts after attending my first law school event.]

Last night T and I went to a BBQ for the environmental law group on campus.  We met several professors, I met several of T's classmates, and we ate tasty burgers :) A very pleasant evening (if a little chilly).

When we arrived (a little late, I'm afraid, because I just had to do my exercises before picking up T) Prof. Platter (the host of the evening; who teaches T's property class) began introducing several of the professors in attendance, all of whom are interested in environmental law issues.  The funniest one, I have to admit, was the animal law professor.  As she was speaking, the dog-in-residence came bounding out of the house, right in the middle of the yard where we were all gathered, speak-toy in mouth, and proceeded to wrestle with the toy, squeaking the rest of the way through the professor's little speech.  Too funny :)

All in all, I really did have a good time. T's classmates (whom I met) are engaging and fun to be around. I was a little worried they'd only talk about law stuff.  [At least at philosophy department gatherings, I had some ground to stand on (thanks to GU's phil minor!).]  But happily, they talked about all sorts of things and I felt very welcome and it was all very interesting, and sometimes pretty hilarious. :) T has already developed a reputation for "knowing everyone."  That's my boy!

 I'm looking forward to the boat cruise on Saturday evening.  T tells me that there are pockets of students that can get... a little "rowdy" (shall we say), but that there should be lots of fun people who won't feel the need to become intoxicated beyond recall ;)  Those are more my style anyway.

So CHEERS! to law school.  It's going to be an exciting few years, but, as T has always said, "It's us and God, Annie! Let's take on the world!"

And we will :)

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