Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

It was characteristically chilly this morning.  Characteristically not because it's the beginning of September, but because it's the first day of school for my Sweet P'Taylor!

[I remember the various first days of school through the years.  All summer long we would sleep late and play late.  Swimming all day in the sun (Vivian had this great "talk show" she did using one of those lounging floaties as her desk).

The street in front of our house (713) stayed warm late into the evening, thanks to the sun's residual heat.  Our feet would be black when we finally came inside, as the bats (who lived in a gigantic tree down the street) came out to munch the bugs.  I don't remember what games we would play on the warm street (we didn't really do sports, except for volleyball), but we always had great fun.

Sometimes we would take midnight swims (which were really more like 10pm swims).  The lack of moisture in the air facilitated our bodies' natural cooling systems so well we were shivering, blue-lipped little girls by the time we came inside.  Mom always had hot Mexican hot chocolate waiting for us. What a treat :)

But then the time for school started would draw near, and Momma would wake us up a little earlier each day, trying to get us onto the early schedule again (I don't remember if it ever really worked).  On the first day of school, I always felt the impending approach of fall.  I know now that it wasn't cold because it was the first day of school, but because it was the earliest I had been outside all summer :)  [When I was in high school and did cross country during the summer, I knew cold summer mornings, too].

Up to fifth grade I was at St. Ann's and wore a uniform--and the girls couldn't wear pants, so we got stuck with red, white, and black plaid shorts (pleats and all!) and white polos. Momma always had our uniforms hanging up in our dresser/closet, ready for us in the morning.  I was so excited when I finally went to public school and could "free dress" in warm pants any day I wanted.  Little things mean a lot, right?

All the kids (currently at home, as the years went by) would line up in front of our weeping mulberry tree and Momma or Daddy would take our picture.  So many funny images crowd my mind as I remember posing for those pictures--the outlandish fashions we all wore (even the uniforms; and even without them), the hair, the faces we made (I specifically remember scowling at the sun in one photo--not much has changed, I think), the growing tree in the background.  Then it was just Viv and me in front of the tree.  We looked so grown up compared to the little school-girls-in-matching-outfits from years before.  But still the babies of the family...]


Anyway :) Today is Taylor's first day of classes at BC Law.  Eating breakfast this morning, I couldn't help but think of all the "first days" of school that I have had.  I wanted to take a picture of him before he left, but we didn't have time. He's pretty excited :)

[I sure hope our kids get their attitude toward school from their father, and not me.]

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