Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Missing Her...

I think most people miss their mothers when they're sick.  I remember the first time I got sick in college, when Momma wasn't there to take care of me.  It's not that I was incapable of taking care of myself, or even that I didn't have friends willing to do things for me, but you know how it is when you're sick--you're emotional.  It was hard for me.

But at least then I could call her and tell her my symptoms and she could tell me what she thought.  What is is about mothers? they're not doctors, and they're not trained except for their years of motherhood (which, of course, counts for more than a medical degree).  But somehow, they always know what to do--"go to the doctor." "rest." "make some soup and take x medicine."

That's what I'm missing most this time around.  I know I could call my siblings to see what they think--and they'd have good advice.  I could even call Daddy and he would have good things to say. But there's just something about hearing your mother say it that's different.  And Taylor (dear Taylor!) is taking good care of me here, so I really have no complaints.

But I still miss Momma. Especially staying home sick.

When we stayed home sick from school when we were younger, it was always so fascinating to see "What Momma did" while we were at school.  Mostly it was household stuff--making meals, cleaning up, etc.  But sometimes she'd sew! It was lots of fun to watch her sew (we couldn't help--we were sick).  She'd make all sorts of interesting things. Clothes for her. Halloween costumes for us (but not until the week of Halloween!). Things for Christmas. Mending Daddy's clothes. She'd spread out the big dining room table, put a Star Trek on, and go to work: laying fabric out, pinning, cutting, and whisking it away into the bedroom (she never did get her dedicated sewing room...) to sew it all together.

Maybe that's another thing I'm missing tonight.  I can't even sew like Momma because I'm so congested it hurts to be up for too long.

Oh well :) At least I have sick days at work, so I'm getting paid to stay home. That's definitely one thing we never got when we stayed home from school!

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