Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Because I Was Asked...

I'm sharing the news of our newest addition:

Yes, it's a dresser :) And yes, I love it (in an appropriate way for loving furniture, that is). Nice solid wood, cedar-lined drawers, spacious cabinet. This is a piece I'd be happy handing down to our children.

All in an attempt to make cleaner, more open space in our house--getting rid of things we don't need, finding better way to store the things we do need. So far, it's working out well :)

Also, you can see our new bedroom icon corner in this picture.  I still need to paint or stain the little shelf in front, but I really like saying our evening prayers in our bedroom together by candlelight.  It's a nice feeling, and having an altar in the bedroom reminds us to say our prayers at night, which is also helpful for one's prayer life :)

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