Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blessed Feast of St. Philip!

And while we're at it, happy beginning of (Byzantine) Advent! Yes, this is the beginning of our Christmas fast--a full 6 weeks before Christmas (just like Great Lent).  As Fr. Bill always says, "It's the quality of the fast, not the quantity" :)  And St. Philip's fast is not as strict as the Lenten fast--which is good, because it would be no fun to fast during Thanksgiving! 
I have to admit, I really enjoy starting our Christmas preparations this early in the year. I've always been one to listen to Christmas music in *gasp* September! I can't wait to begin my Christmas baking and to make and wrap this years presents. I love being "sneaky" in hiding T's presents and figuring out what my family wants this year. It's a beautiful season, and I'm glad I now get two more "official" weeks of it than I used to :) 
And what better way to celebrate the beginning of this season than with Byzantine Vespers? Yes! T and I were the main cantors at a vespers service this evening at the St. John's Chapel on the Brighton campus of BC (in the chapel in Bishop Peterson Hall--now known as 129 Lake Street). I think it went very well--it was certainly nice to attend vespers again. We didn't have too many people there, but we got about 6 or 7 that were not part of the organizing group. Incidentally, we'll have a Divine Liturgy on the feast of St. Nicholas, Saturday December 6--ALL are welcome to attend! The more the merrier! Please come! (Same place--Holy Trinity Chapel at 129 Lake Street.)
Also, I have completed one of my sneaky projects (item number 4 in this post) and the Claytons have received it! Here are some photos I took before I wrapped it and mailed it (from Kris Kringle, of course).  *Renee, I don't know if you've opened it yet, but today is the day you're supposed to, so I'm posting the pictures anyway :) So there. 

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