Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Success! Our first fall-costume-party-that-happened-to-be-on-halloween was loads of fun! Less than an All Saints Day Party (because you could dress up as a non-saint if you wanted) but more than a halloween party--no spooky costumes (except for Paul (but we're still not sure, precisely, what he was anyway)). I spent Thursday cleaning up the house (which, really, I enjoy doing!). 
I was lucky enough to be able to take yesterday off work--which was a good thing because I had to sew T's shirt for his costume! I'm happy to report that my one-day shirt turned out quite well, even though I didn't get the bottom hem done in time (it was ok--he was wearing overalls so it didn't even show). We went as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. I was Raggedy Ann in 6th grade--Momma made my costume that year. She usually made our costumes, actually. In fact, she didn't even let us talk about what we wanted to be for halloween until the week before. So she probably made my Raggedy Ann dress that halloween day so long ago :) And (this is the awesome part) it still fit this year! 
I think the fact that the dress still fit is due  more to Momma's sewing ability and the pattern of the dress than my size (hardly consistent in the past 10  years), but hey, it's still cool.  The dress was, however, a bit short  for comfort, so I got some bloomers to wear under it, added some  stripped stockings, and a red yard wig and I was good to go! 
We had Tom Bombadill and Goldberry at our party--pretty exclusive, eh?
We had the two Lucille's (from the TV show Arrested Development), Three Philosophers, Groucho Marx, a construction worker, and a few guests who came as the mystery of themselves :) Disguise enough in many cases! It also happened to be Hector's birthday, so we had ice cream cake after the pumpkin pie, eggnog, apple cider, and (of course) candy. 
And "Oh, does Hector like ice cream cake?" we asked Tom Bomdail (who brought the cake). "Well, I don't know if he does, but I do." :) 
The highlight of the evening for T and me, though, was being able to have so many of our friends over to spend time with! We've always wanted our home to be a welcoming place--neat and tidy but also comfortable and homeley (in the Elven sense, that is!).  And I guess we've succeeded because we received so many lovely, wonderful compliments after our party! Burke even told us it was "Hobbit-ish" :) which is probably the nicest thing anyone's ever told us. I'm so glad our friends enjoyed themselves! Praise God for good friends, good times, and good victuals :D

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