Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Projects I'm Still Working On (For Those Who Are Interested)

1) Pea Coat 
Cut out, ready to sew together!
2) Linen Shirt (from pants) 
Cut out, ready to sew; needs sleeves or someway to finish armholes without them. 
3) Silver Shirt (from pants) 
Need to cut it out. Still not sure I have enough material in the pants to do it. 
4) Secret 
:) I'm about 3/4 done with this one. 
5) Surprise 
Need some help still, but coming along nicely. Should be finished in time. 
6) Burp rags (about 4 of them) 
Two cut out, two more waiting to find out the gender of the baby :)
7) Nursing Cover 
Baby Bettale is due this month! Get on it, Annie!
8) Formal shirt/skirt  
Cut out, ready to sew. Need a reason to wear it as motivation to sew it. Hm... symphony concert, maybe?
9) Knitted baby hats and booties for various people  
Slacking somewhat in lieu of the burp rags. I've been thinking about knitting baby leg warmers--those should be fairly easy, right? 
10) My Noah's Ark 
Goin' well! I have about 5 more sets of animals to finish and then I can glue it all together. Fun!
11) Mending/tailoring (not Taylor-ing) all my old clothes 
I've fixed two pairs of dress pants and one shirt. I still have about 10 garments to go! :-[
12) Kimono 
Still sitting on the chair next to my sewing machine, waiting to be small-ified (Hobbited). 

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