Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If You Decide To Have Thanksgiving At Your House have to have pumpkin pie. 
To make pumpkin pie, you have to go to the store. 
If you go to the store, the kids will want to come with you. 
(What would big families do without Costco?)
When you get home, they'll want to help you make the pies. They will want you to make lots of them because they love pumpkin pie. In fact, they would probably be happy to have pumpkin pie all-day-everyday the whole week of Thanksgiving. 
(6 Pumpkin pies and my Little Helper :) I didn't get a picture of my other little helper because she wouldn't stay still long enough when I had the camera!)
When you're done making pies, they'll want you to make cookies. If you make cookies you need cookie cutters, which probably means you have to go to the store again :) 
And, if you make one batch, you might as well make four (yeah, four!).  
They will want to help you decorate them, so you have to have an easy method. 
(I call it: "dip and drip." Thanks for the idea, Heather!)
Once you're done with the cookies, you'll have to hide them if you want to have ANY left for Thanksgiving. The same with the pies (which can be tricky when the pies don't stack!)
In order to hide them, you have to distract the helpers, so you put on a CD they can dance to. 
While dancing, they'll probably want you to take pictures. 
When you take the pictures, they'll want to see them right away (hooray for digital cameras). Seeing the pictures will remind one of them she wants a digital camera. 
To get a digital camera, you have to go to the store :) So she can take pictures of the Thanksgiving you decided to have at your house.
And chances are, if you have Thanksgiving at your house, you're going to have a lot of fun with all those little kids! 
Here is a link to my Picasa album of the baking fun!

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  1. Very cute post. Happy be-lated Thanksgiving.