Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Now that the gift has arrived, I can post pictures of the nursing cover I was commissioned to sew for my friend Theresa. She wanted a Hooter Hider (aka Bebe Au Lait), and discovered they could be sewn with relative ease. Theresa picked out and purchased the material, and I sewed it all together using this online pattern. I tried my best to find terry cloth material (or baby wash cloths even!) but no luck. So, I used some flannel (which I use for the burprags I make--seems to be absorbent enough) and added two pacifier pockets, which double nicely as dabbing corners :) for nursing dribbles.  Do you like the fish look with the material she picked out? 
The boning I purchased was Rigi-line boning (or something) that you can sew right through. So, to keep it in place better for washings, I did a fancy stitch right through the entire top hem. I think it turned out pretty well! 
Siena was born just before halloween. Here is a link to their family blog, and pictures of their cute little bundle of baby:
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