Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Carrick Giovanni Luca

My oldest sister had her baby last Thursday :) She successfully managed to deliver on a day as yet unclaimed by another birthday (in our family, at least). Good job!
This is her first child, Giulia. I figure this is a good time to post this picture because
1) It's my favorite of G. She's so full of personality!
2) I think it might aptly express the feelings of most first-borns when they find out they will have a sibling. And a brother at that! :Þ They're not really averse to having a baby in the house (see second picture), but: "C'mon, Mom--do we have to?"
3) She picked out her dance outfit all by herself. I truly appreciate her style ;)
4) Did I mention I love her face here?
Still, though, I think this is how she really feels about her new brother (despite telling her parents, over and over, that she wouldn't love the baby if it was a boy):
fascinated, in love, and just the way a big sister should be :) So congrats to my sister's happy family! We love you!
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