Saturday, November 29, 2008

Divine Liturgy

I miss it. A lot. Luckily, T and I have been able to go to the Melkite Cathedral in Boston, which really is lovely. But it's not Ruthenian... it's not our tradition. And we've even been very welcomed there--everyone is happy to see us when we go, and it's been a fun experience to learn the different chant melodies and sing in Greek and Arabic. But I still miss St. John's and Ss. Cyril and Methodius. 
It was so moving to be there tonight at Liturgy, to sing the same familiar hymns (with all T's siblings singing as loud as they can!), with 4-part harmonies, the incense and the bells, the bright red decorations, the icons and candles... 
Fr. Joseph's homily was fabulous, too.  He told us "Heaven begins on Earth! because Christ is with us (S'nami Boh!)."  What a beautiful, blessed world it is, to have Christ with us! Another thing that struck me particularly was, "The prayers on your lips are the prayers of Christ. The desires of your heart are the desires of Christ. For Christ is with us (S'nami Boh)!" Rejoice and be glad, for God is with us... 
If I keep going it will just be more of the same. I've posted about Divine Liturgy before and I still feel the same way. It is beautiful, simply. We hope to make it back sooner than later, God willing. Here's hopin'. 

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