Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy at Work?

I am! That is, I am happy at work when I think about the reasons why I'm working. I am able to help T go to school and we can better save for our future. I can glorify God in anything I do, and if I keep the right attitude and complete all my tasks to the best of my ability when at work, then it is pleasing to Him. This little sunflower helps keep me happy because it reminds me of the only time T got lost! It's not that I was happy T got lost (though I wasn't upset, either).  Rather, it was a fun adventure together, and toward the end we happened upon a cute, little (acutally very huge) antique shop where I found this little guy waiting for me. He must have originally been one of a pair of salt and pepper salt shakers. Maybe I'll find his sister someday. I also found (rather providentially!) my very favorite, very nice, very Momma-ish (very sunflowered, even!) cookie jar there :) I love his smiley, winky face and his "hobbit-ish-ness" (he's barely 2 inches tall)! Until I find his sister shaker, though, I enjoy just him, smiling on top of my computer, reminding me always to keep my eye on the Sun (and the Son), and of all the fun adventures I've been blessed to share with my sweet husband.  :)
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