Saturday, November 8, 2008

Birthday Loot :) And Things

On T's birthday this year, he kept saying that he didn't understand why he got presents on his birthday. Afterall, he didn't really do anything--his mom did all the work :) I think he has a good point, too. So I just want to let Momma know that I'm glad she did all the work on my birth day. And over these past 25 years (!), my parents have done many wonderful things for me. So thanks to Momma and Daddy :) I'm so glad to be your little girl!
This year, instead of going to to dinner together (which is nice, but not all the time), T and I went shopping the other day and picked up some yummy vittles and spent an evening in the kitchen together making a nice dinner. On the menu:
Apple and pecan salad with honey basalmic vinegarette dressing Baked lamb chops Steamed French green beans with sauteed onions Mashed butternut squash (and ice cream cake left over from our halloween party!) :)
After dinner I opened my presents! New kitchen towels (very much needed), bath soap, skillet handle holders, a nifty trivet for our cast iron teapot, supernifty serving pieces to go with our silverware (one is obviously a spaghetti server, can you figure out what the other one is?), cordial glasses, sewing machine needles, chapstick, candy, a Raggedy Ann & Andy book, and CARDS! I love to get cards on my birthday :) especially from fambily!
So for those who were wondering, I had a wonderful birthday. After dinner, T gave me a very relaxing massage and we read some Tolkien before going to sleep early. I got many wonderful phone calls singing "Happy Birthday," which lightened my day at work quite a bit. I was also very productive at work!
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