Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mei Tai II

Yes, I've made another one.  For me.  No, I still have no use for it.  But I've loaned my first one out to a couple people to test drive it for me, to see if it holds up :) Any takers for this colorful toddler mei tai?

Without further ado:

The "boy" side (that is worn with either a boy baby snuggled inside, or when my Sweet P'Taylor wears it)

The "girl" side (for a girl baby or for when I wear it. I love these flowers!) Doesn't it look like a butterfly? 

"Action" shot

I use quotation marks because the only action in this shot is me, posing. Due to the unfortunate lack of babies in the Boston area (boo!), I had to use a pillow for the "real" look.  For Easter, we're visiting friends with a baby. Maybe I can try it out with their sweet Madelyn!  :)


  1. I'll send K an E your way to try it out :)

    It's beautiful! Stunning, actually :)

  2. it's a DEAL! Though it may work better if you wanted to be my "field researcher" :) Do you have a toddler-sized mei tai? If you like this one, I can send you my pattern/instructions. Let me know!

  3. You are so talented. I like your handiwork. You're right those straps look very wide.

  4. I've actually been looking for something kinda like this for Madelyn. She's 16 months now and mainly likes to walk, but there are times when we need to do lots of walking and she can't keep up. It's a great idea Anne and super cute! I'd test any invention you create!