Friday, February 12, 2010


I have found it!! (Don't worry, Classics majors, this is a nudity-free post!)

Not gold. Not a new theory of measurement.  No. I have found the recipe for the tomato sauce I most crave when I want pasta.  I have found that tangy, very tomato-y, slightly sweet sauce that dresses the most delicious pasta dishes of my memory.

The tomato sauce and prosciutto pasta I had in New York.  The tomato and black pepper penne we had one late night in Rome.  The tantalizing tomato sauce I crave year round...

I have found it :)

And y'know what? It's so simple.

Go check it out here. And then make some pasta tonight!

On our honeymoon, at Cecilia Metella outside the Catacombs


  1. This recipe sounded so simple, even I thought I'd try it. I didn't have a can of whole pealed tomatos so I used a can of diced ones. I think it worked out just fine. I made it for a RCIA potluck I was going to. It tasted fine, but I think I didn't cook the shells right. They were a little tough. Also, the sauce looked brown, like beef stew under the sodium vapor lights in the gym. They had them on medium and I think that really changes their color outlook.

  2. mmm good memories :) maybe we can spend a week in Rome in August... that would be delightful. You and me. Stories. Rome. Gelato. ah. :) we should talk to Joe

  3. Fr. Joe? That would be awesome. Maybe spring break next year? ;)